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A day in a life of a Locksmith

To me, the saddest part of my work is dealing with repossessions, where I change the locks of the house once the residents have left.

Today, I was at a house which had been empty for a while. The garden was overgrown, fridge was covered in mold and there was a dusty smell in the air. After gaining entry I accompanied the bailiff around the house, it just looked like the family had upped and left without any belongings. Children’s toys and a teenagers keep safe boxes were left on the shelves and photographs of the family were above the fireplace.  You can almost imagine a family, once happy, moving into the house with all the excitement of living somewhere new. I wondered today how many Christmas and birthdays were celebrated here, of course as a locksmith, I don’t know the how’s and why’s this families home has been repossessed.

Today I was pleased that the house was empty. It is perhaps even worse when the family are trying to pack up their home as the bailiff and myself arrive rushing back and forth to pick up the last of their possessions.

I guess it’s all in a days work and a far cry from my pre-conceived notion of a locksmith whose job was to help people back into their homes.


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