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Home Security

If you`re a homeowner, you may well worry about how secure your property really is. Thieves can target your valuables and even if you feel you live in a reasonably safe area, there`s always the threat of burglary. Homeowners can, however, take steps to reinforce their household security and protect against criminals.

Think first about your doors. These are an obvious point of entry and while a lock may help, you`ve got to consider that a determined thief will find other – often more simple – ways of getting through a door. The right door material, such as fibreglass, will protect a door against forced entry in situations where wood simply won`t. And watch out for doors that can easily be physically removed, such as dated sliding patio doors.

Windows are also an easy access point for burglars and an area that really requires your attention. Again, the type of material used for the windows can make a difference. Add safety glass to windows for enhanced durability, making it harder for intruders to physically smash their way in. Security screens are useful too, as they make it tough for thieves to gain access and often prove a deterrent to would-be burglars. While window bars may also help.

Your home security doesn`t begin or end inside your house. Consider what`s visible outside your house: if you have a bike and no shed, then think about where you`re locking it up. Tools and garden equipment may attract thieves if left in plain view and even if you do store possessions inside a shed or similar building, its locks are as vulnerable as those in your house.

You may even inadvertently create ways in which crooks can gain access to your home via outside areas. For instance, if you are using a ladder to paint a hard-to-reach place and then leave it out, a criminal could then use it to gain entry to an upper-floor window. So lock away any ladders or other equipment that could be misused in this way.

Enhancing your home security can sometimes be a case of simply creating deterrents to intruders. If you can`t afford or don`t want a home-security system or a guard dog, there`s nothing to stop you putting up signs that make it look as if you`ve got one. For example, some companies sell fake burglar alarm boxes for installation on the exterior of your house.

Trim hedges and trees. These denizens of your garden may look pretty but if they`re overly large, you`re simply creating extra cover that thieves can take advantage of when approaching your property.

Of course, you can have reinforced doors and windows made from the toughest materials, but if your locks aren`t up to much, your home will still be insecure. Handle locks are easy to pick with basic tools and should be avoided. Also think about where your keys are. Don`t leave them in easy-to-access locations and don`t lend out keys unless it`s really necessary, since doing so may come back to haunt you if a criminal gets hold of a spare key or is able to make a duplicate.

Add deadbolts to enhance the security of your locks. Deadbolts reinforce locks and can sometimes prevent access made through the use of duplicate keys. A door lock cylinder is useful here as it allows you to incorporate a deadbolt easily, alongside other types of lock you may choose to upgrade your house security with.

A day in a life of a Locksmith

To me, the saddest part of my work is dealing with repossessions, where I change the locks of the house once the residents have left.

Today, I was at a house which had been empty for a while. The garden was overgrown, fridge was covered in mold and there was a dusty smell in the air. After gaining entry I accompanied the bailiff around the house, it just looked like the family had upped and left without any belongings. Children’s toys and a teenagers keep safe boxes were left on the shelves and photographs of the family were above the fireplace.  You can almost imagine a family, once happy, moving into the house with all the excitement of living somewhere new. I wondered today how many Christmas and birthdays were celebrated here, of course as a locksmith, I don’t know the how’s and why’s this families home has been repossessed.

Today I was pleased that the house was empty. It is perhaps even worse when the family are trying to pack up their home as the bailiff and myself arrive rushing back and forth to pick up the last of their possessions.

I guess it’s all in a days work and a far cry from my pre-conceived notion of a locksmith whose job was to help people back into their homes.


Help with the VAT man!

As Delyn Locksmiths has grown, I’ve had to develop the administrative side of the business, to help us invoice, offer credit, employ staff to extend our capacity, deal with the VAT man and fill in tax returns. One thing that has helped enormously is our adoption of the kashflow accounts system . It’s brilliant, and it’s available now on a free 60 day trial. It has saved us a fortune on printed invoice books and if you’re sending out invoices everyday, even at the end of the trial it will be paying for itself in savings on printing costs.

It also means VAT returns are a 30 second job, end of year accounts, a job that used to take me around a fortnight, I can do in half a day, and if I was more organised it would be easier still.

I heartily recommend it to everyone.

To sign up for a free trial of the software, click on this link KASHFLOW.

Should you end up paying for the system after your trial, I’ll get £2 off the cost of my subscription.

Delyn Locksmiths opens a new online shop

At Delyn Locksmiths we have used our expert knowledge to personally pick the very best products for our new online shop ( These are the locks that we would use in our own homes to ensure maximum safety and security for our families.

We are always available at the end of the telephone to offer you comprehensive advice on all your locksmithing needs. If there is a particular product which you require which is not in our shop we will do the ‘leg work’ to source and supply the very best quality locks to fit your individual needs.

We are able to deliver all over the UK, however, as the premier locksmith in Wales we have bilingual staff to deal with your enquiry in Welsh if required.

Old Purple Securefast

Can anyone confirm for me that the old purple securefast has warding, which stops you using the SV kit or standard reader keys to decode the last lever. And also means you have to cut a proper key, on blanks with ward cut outs as the SV make up key won’t turn in the lock.

I’m sure this is the case, but haven’t seen one for so long. Came across one yesterday, on the left so I drilled for the hole in the lock case and pulled the bolt back.

Now looking at the mortice manual, it doesn’t say anything about warding, and it actually says the SV kit and make up key open it. Is this true?

Assuming I’m correct, and the book is wrong. I wonder would it be possible to read the final lever with an old fashioned reader key as opposed to the swanky new decoder tool?

If I had a lock to practice with I’d give it a go, but does anyone know whether if I cut a number one lever onto the final position of a key with warding cutouts – would it read just like the tool?

Is warrant work getting more dangerous?

We aim to keep ourselves safe when assisting warrant officers in their duties, but this isn’t always as easy as it should be.

Most people are glad to see us because they have a lock problem and have hired us to solve their problem. But when doing warrant work, many people are not always pleased when we turn up at their front door and then proceed to open said door for the warrant officer to carry out their job.

A recent warrant we attended ended with our locksmith getting smashed across the head with a claw hammer by a rather annoyed customer. The said locksmith then spent four hours in hospital getting stitched up before being released back into the community.

Scary stuff for all involved, and all of us at Delyn Locksmiths learnt from the experience. We do this type of work day in and day out and it can sometimes be repetitive and we all take things for granted regarding safety. But this episode has taught us to expect the unexpected and keep an eye on what’s going on around us. You only have to take your eye off the ball for a second for it to become a very bad day.

Fantasy Football League

Well, the real business may be starting this weekend with Cardiff City’s big kick off against Sheffield United. But for those like Blackpool (grrrrrr) who are lucky enough to be in the Premiership there is another week till all the fun starts.

Which means you have a week to get your team in the Delyn Locksmiths Ltd Fantasy Football League. I’ve put up some small cash prizes for winning the League and the Head to Head tournament.

Staff, friends, customers, sub contractors, suppliers, everyone’s welcome to join. Go to and select your team, then use code 210232-58157 to enter our league.

Master Key Systems – Convenient Security

Master Key systems provide convenient security, allowing a senior member of staff for example to have one key that accesses every room in a hotel or workplace, whilst a guest has a key to their room only.

We have supplied master key systems to hotels and guest houses across Wales.

A Master key suite is a system of locks and keys, These are constructed in such a way as to allow authorized keys past the lock whilst restricting unauthorized keys.

The system is built around a master key that will give access to all of the locks in the system, This then allows the main keyholder to access all areas when required. This type of system is particularly useful to landlords,
hoteliers, schools, office complexes and other largesmall premises.

In laymans terms this simply means that if for example you are a landlord only one key is needed to access all your properties rather then fumbling around with large bunches of keys whilst assuring each tenant holds his own unique key to his or her lock

Floor Safes, Proven Protection.

With an alarming increase on crime rates these days, more and more people are getting cynical about their belongings and how they can protect them against intrusion and the elements. Thus, manufacturers and entrepreneurs came up with an idea on how to safeguard man’s valuable things and properties through a device that can endure the test of time. And so, floor safes came into the limelight. Basically, a safe has three main classifications or configurations. They are the wall or wall-mounted safes, the freestanding safes, and the in-floor, floor safe. Without going into the details of the other two, let us discuss the compositions of floor safes.

1. The Nature Of Floor Safes

Basically, floor safes, like their two counterparts, are specially designed to provide protection and security to valuables and other pertinent documents. As their name suggests, floor safes are exclusively made to be mounted into the concrete slab of the floor. Manufacturers of floor safes strongly suggest that the position of the safe must be carefully analysed and considered so as to maximize its potential. If mounted properly end extensively, floor safes can be the best protection against burglary and even tragedies like fire.

2. Installation

Floor safe installations are actually more complicated and more expensive than wall safes. When installing floor safes, you have to cut a slab out of the floor first. Then, you have to dig a hole. After which the safe is placed into the hole and more concrete is poured to cover the area. This will firmly ground the safe and prevent it from being physically removed during a burglary.

3. About Floor Safes

Floor safes are under the category of composites safes. That means that they have a combination of two functions, to combat fire and burglary. The floor safe has been tested against all forms of burglary. The price of a floor safe is determined by the ratings that it obtains in these two categories.

One drawback that consumers find on floor safes is that it has a thick wall covering, meaning floor safes offer a smaller space when compared to the typical metal vaults or the ordinary filing cabinets. But people must understand that the main reason why floor safes are designed this way is because of its purpose, and that is to protect the valuables and not just be a mere storage space.

Job Advert – Locksmith

We’re looking for a hard working and honest person to be directly employed as a locksmith. We offer a comprehensive staff training programme, but obviously, experience in the industry would be prefered.

Wages will depend on experience, and what you can bring to the company, the location of the job would depend on the succesful applicant. You will need a full driving license and your own transport. If the applicant is based in Wales, ability to speak Welsh would be an advantage.

Please apply by letter and CV, detailing any experience to

Delyn Locksmiths Ltd,
33 Amity Court,
Longueil Close,
Schooner Way,
CF10 4EA.

Or phone 07977 594 707 for an informal chat.