Master Key Systems – Convenient Security

Master Key systems provide convenient security, allowing a senior member of staff for example to have one key that accesses every room in a hotel or workplace, whilst a guest has a key to their room only.

We have supplied master key systems to hotels and guest houses across Wales.

A Master key suite is a system of locks and keys, These are constructed in such a way as to allow authorized keys past the lock whilst restricting unauthorized keys.

The system is built around a master key that will give access to all of the locks in the system, This then allows the main keyholder to access all areas when required. This type of system is particularly useful to landlords,
hoteliers, schools, office complexes and other largesmall premises.

In laymans terms this simply means that if for example you are a landlord only one key is needed to access all your properties rather then fumbling around with large bunches of keys whilst assuring each tenant holds his own unique key to his or her lock

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