Old Purple Securefast

Can anyone confirm for me that the old purple securefast has warding, which stops you using the SV kit or standard reader keys to decode the last lever. And also means you have to cut a proper key, on blanks with ward cut outs as the SV make up key won’t turn in the lock.

I’m sure this is the case, but haven’t seen one for so long. Came across one yesterday, on the left so I drilled for the hole in the lock case and pulled the bolt back.

Now looking at the mortice manual, it doesn’t say anything about warding, and it actually says the SV kit and make up key open it. Is this true?

Assuming I’m correct, and the book is wrong. I wonder would it be possible to read the final lever with an old fashioned reader key as opposed to the swanky new decoder tool?

If I had a lock to practice with I’d give it a go, but does anyone know whether if I cut a number one lever onto the final position of a key with warding cutouts – would it read just like the tool?

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  1. admin says:

    Obviously, If I am correct, and you did decode it with a reader key, you’d have to cut a key on warded blank too, as the make up key has no warding cut outs, and would be knackred if you added them.

  2. Dave says:

    Yes that old style securefast had warding.
    Sorry for late response, only just seen your question.

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